Photo créatrice Ying Z.

The designer Ying Z.

Multi-cultural, since her childhood she has a passion for fine arts. After several years in the import - export , Ying decided to devote herself to his original passion : fashion , art , jewelry and creation. Self-taught and passionate, Ying specializes in accessories and jewelry semi-precious stones. New brand jewelry designer, Ying Z. offers a world ultra refined, feminine and original.

The refinement of the designs embodied in an ultimate subtlety and delicacy. Each piece of her collection has been designed to combine the subtlety of aesthetics under the natural stones of high quality. This harmony is sought and desired detail of our jewelry that will perfect your style.

 The designs are produced in small series for even more exclusive. Thus, each woman can express her own personality with almost unique creations.

Each piece is unique and original. They are made from semi-precious stones carefully selected for their color, shape and virtue, also known under the term lithotherapy.


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